Hi! I'm Aliah and I am a super energetic person and an exclamation point enthusiast! I bring my energy and positivity into my studio teaching, creating an environment where students feel excited to learn and explore. 

I love my job so much, because I really am a detective. Every single person can sing (it's true!) and I get to investigate how to bring each voice out and let it shine! My very favourite thing that happens in the studio is when a singer makes a sound they have never made before and are shocked that that beautiful noise came from their mouths. My students are dedicated, most certainly, but they also learn to be fearless and let their true voices be heard. It is amazingly powerful and it is the reason I do what I do every day! 

As a piano teacher, I get to witness the same kind of amazing "aha!" moments. Beginner piano students learn so many new things so quickly - they learn to read notes and rhythms and dynamics and about how pianos work... the list could go on forever. I love watching my students learn to love learning. I am a forever student, and I hope they will be too!

If you want to read more about my credentials and all that other boring stuff, click on the biography tab below About Me in the menu bar!

© 2019 by Aliah Elliott. 

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